Flax Organics manufactures and retails products made from natural 100% Organic Cotton Fabric and Certified Organic Flaxseed. Our product range includes our well-known Flax-Ease Hot/Cold Therapacks for pain management and general wellness. We also stock a Therapacks for Children.

We also are the manufacturer of Lil' Britches. These cuddly toys are suitable for young children and are made from the same materials as our Therapack™ range.

All our products are safe, reusable and 100% made in the USA.

Why Flax and Why Organic?
We use 100% raw organic flaxseed because it:
  • Has superior moisture absorption.
  • Radiates heat longer than other packs without burning filler.
  • Doesn't have a strong smell.*
  • Conforms smoothly to the body.
  • Will continue to provide long lasting heat or cold use after use.
  • Increases circulation.

*In order to keep our flax seed completely unprocessed we do not cook or roast it. This can result in a nutty aroma during the first few heatings.

We also use 100% organic cotton for the outer lining. Learn Why ..

Our Flax-Ease Therapacks™ contain no chemical residues or dyes that could adversely affect chemically sensitive individuals. They are safe for humans and the environment.

Care Instructions

Flax-Ease Therapacks™ are easy to care for. The inner pack is generously filled with 100% certified organic flaxseed. The outer fabric is a removable cover* which can be hand washed and air dried.

* Therapacks™ with a channeled design are not available with removable covers.

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