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Flax-Ease Neck Wrap Therapack™

Our most popular Therapack!

Flax Organic Neck Wrap Therapack™ 2lb Dimensions: 13" x 17"
3lb Dimensions: 17" x 19"

The Flax-Ease Neck Wrap Collar Therapack™ is a heating pad for the neck and shoulders. Its unique design allows one to comfortably stand or walk during use. Use it while working at a computer, or just sit and relax while benefiting from the hot/cold therapy pack. The channeled design and hook and loop fasteners allow the wrap to conform to the body and evenly distribute hot or cold to the affected area.

To protect our customers and the environment, our Flax-Ease Therapacks™ are made from 100% organic components cultivated and processed without the use of chemicals. They are reusable and non-toxic, making them a safe and affordable alternative to medicine.

Price: $57.50
Price: $69.00